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C & L Sanitation is a family-owned business operating in the Northwest Ohio area for over 30 years -- and is now by far the largest supplier of portable restrooms. We also provide residential septic tank cleaning.

Our company goal is to provide personalized service to all our customers.

C & L Sanitation strives to supply facilities unlike any other service company. If people talk about our toilets at events, it is because they see the difference in our units and our service. They will be complimenting you about the sanitary conditions of our toilets!

If you require just one portable restroom at a construction site -- or five hundred restrooms at a community function -- we can accommodate your needs.

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C & L Sanitation is the largest supplier of portable restrooms (portapotty, porta-potty, porta potty, portapotties, porta-potties, porta potties) in Northwest Ohio and the Toledo area. C & L Sanitation also provides professional septic tank service. Portable restrooms are available for construction sites, events, weddings, receptions -- anyplace where restrooms are needed.